Hygiene & Care

Hygiene is paramount in the tattooing procedure. All items should be sterile or one use only, i.e. (needles inks etc). Any other items should be re sterilized or kept in such a way that they are impervious to contamination during the application of a tattoo.





You should observe your artist preparing and using sterile instruments / needles from blister packs. The artist should also have an autoclave, separate wash basins, display a Local Authority License and have any clinical waste removed by a licensed courier.


The first 2 weeks of your tattoo’s life are probably the most important. Once your tattoo is complete it will be cleaned, have antiseptic cream applied, then be covered with a film dressing. Leave the dressing on for 3-4 hours, then remove it. Wash off any plasma with warm soapy water, rinse then pat dry with a clean towel. Leave the tattoo to dry completely, then apply a small amount of Savlon cream twice a day for the first three days, then baby lotion twice daily.







Do’s & Do Not’s
Do Not

1. Scratch, pick or soak the tattoo.
2. Sunbathe or swim.
3. Do not wear clothes which are tight or may rub.




1. Keep the tattoo clean.
2. Add cream 2 to 3 times daily.
3. Take care not to knock or damage the tattoo.



Any problems or advice, please call. In the long term, to keep a tattoo at its best, use high factor sun cream when in the open sun.

About Us

Fully equipped health authority registered studio in Deal.


We have a huge collection of tattoo art/flash to look through and offer custom drawings to the customers specification.


Tattoo art is probably the most versatile medium as almost any style is possible to achieve. If you have a photo, painting or design you like the chances are we can replicate into a tattoo for you, check out our galleries or see us on face book for constantly updated art.





Skin Shots & Skin Deep magazine

Popular tattoo magazines Skin Shots and Skin Deep featured a piece on Garth's Tattoos. The article detailed the studio, facilities and ofcourse the fantastic designs that the guys had worked on.


Award Winning Artist 2012

Our Very own Max Howe won the Best Colour artist at Readings 3rd Annual Tattoo show June 2012


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